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Digital Album is the skinable viewer for preparing image collections (for example, CD image collections).

Digital Album can add bookmarks for image folders, comment each picture with your text, print images with comments, etc. Current version of the software supplies the most known graphic formats, including JPEG, BMP, TIFF, GIF, PNG, TGA, PCX, PCD, PSD as well as some vector graphic. With Digital Album you can create any photoalbums or collections of cliparts. You can view the slideshow of your photos too.

The main advantage of Digital Album is very nice and full skinnable inteface, which makes your image collection individual.

Distributive files include two skins shown below. In runtime, it is possible to select available skin by clicking the right mouse button.

Other skins are available at this page.

The last version of Digital Album is available at address http://ry.at.tut.by/download/dalbum.zip


Attention: this software is no longer developed or maintained.

Skins for Digital Album


Description: Battler, only for resolution 1024х768 and more, free, download (zip, 83 kB).


Description: Mobile Life, only for resolution 1024х768 and more.


Description: XP Style, for resolution 800х600 and more, free, download (zip, 28 kB).


Description: Cinema, only for resolution 1024х768 and more, free, download (zip, 151 kB).

To use the new skin just extract it into the folder "skin" of the program.

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