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Because of high popularity of "BabyPlan" it's placed on this separate page.

The application "BabyPlan" is intended for forecasting of the dates with low, average or high probability of conception as well as forecasting of the beginnings of menstruations. The results of the forecast can be used for childbirth planning as well as for contraception. Though there are some similar software, only "BabyPlan" uses cumulative statistical data to give the most reliable results.

The application "BabyPlan" is a simply Microsoft Excel workbook, and therefore it can be used at any computer (even PDA) with Microsoft Excel installed (or any other software that can work with files *.xls). Also "BabyPlan" calculates a probable date of conception (if in pregnancy) as well as a date of childbirth and estimated sex of a child. The application includes the detailed help. You can free download from current page. Download English version of BabyPlan.(60 kB zip).

3d2f.com about BabyPlan: The simplest and most natural way of planning pregnancy
Softoxi.com: BabyPlan Installation Video Tutorial

     5 Stars rating on Download3000.com         BabyPlan download  descargar programas gratis BabyPlan antivirus scan report at softoxi.com

Note: in case of "##" symbols displayed on the calendar grid you need the add-in "Analysis ToolPak" to be installed (menu item Service - AddIns). This bug was fixed in version 2.3.

Because "BabyPlan" was downloaded more than 5000 times (by august 2005) the new software for more convenient work with "BabyPlan" was created. It's called "BabyPlan Monitor" and present only in russian language yet.

"BabyPlan Monitor" indicates (by changing color of its tray icon as well as on tips) the forecasted limits of fertile period, the nearest date of ovulation and the next beginning of monthlies (with notice three days before it). As the result, you need not open the *.xls file to see calculated data. All you have to do is to show the path to the "BabyPlan" file at first starting of "BabyPlan Monitor". Application loads on Windows' start.

Download BabyPlan Monitor (274 kB).

I'm happy if my free software is useful for you. You can just use it yourself, share with friends, express your opinion in any blog or forum, send me a letter with remarks and suggestions, thank me mentally or in cash.

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